There are many Saab drivers in Indianapolis and unfortunately, most have no idea who to ask for help if a problem occurs with their car. A Saab is a unique vehicle and options for service and repair are limited. Rest easy Saab owners! Euro Motorworks has ASE Master Certified technicians with years of experience servicing Saab vehicles. You can be certain your Saab will receive meticulous care.

Any need your Saab has can be handled at Euro Motorworks, with the exception of major body work.

Our skill level, industry leading warranty, transportation assistance and personal attention all combine to offer an unparalleled service experience.

Typical Saab Repairs and Services

ABS Repair

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and/or traction control light may illuminate. This can be caused by corrosion in the (ABS) wire harness connector at the right front wheel speed sensor due to water intrusion. Corroded connectors should be cleaned or replaced as necessary to correct this concern.

Oil Leak Repairs

Engine oil leaks are somewhat common on a Saab, especially in an aging Saab. Take advantage of our Saab Specialists’ years of experience to determine the location and severity of a leak.

Oil Changes

Staying on top of your oil change schedule is the easiest and most important thing you can do to properly maintain your Saab. Sludgy oil will wreak havoc in your Saab’s engine. Regular oil changes also give our Saab experts the opportunity to do a thorough check-over and monitor any ongoing concerns.

Diagnostic Check

There are numerous reasons a check engine light may pop on. Sometimes it’s something simple like a malfunctioning sensor. Other times it could be a warning sign of a small problem that could turn into a big problem if ignored. Having one of our Saab Specialists perform diagnosis to determine the issue is the thing to do.

At Euro Motorworks there is no substitute for training, experience and the proper tooling.

Set up your appointment with our Saab Experts today and find out why our service is truly unparalleled.

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