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Euro Motorworks is the premier Porsche Specialist in Indianapolis for maintenance, diagnosis, repair and enhancement. Our Porsche techs have factory training, ASE Master Certification and average over 28 years of experience. We service all types of Porsche vehicles ranging from the air-cooled, vintage models to the more current, water-cooled turbo and non-turbo vehicles.

The Porsche Team at Euro Motorworks is headed up by Co-Owner, Terry Heath. Terry has been servicing Porsche for the last 45 years and is ASE Master Certified. He’s widely recognized, on a national level, as an expert in the field of Porsche service, repair, enhancement and track preparation.

Unlike dealers who care about volume and sales quotas, our aim is providing you the highest quality of service. We offer transportation assistance, personal attention, industry-leading warranties, and only recommend the work you need so that you can make an informed decision.

Whether you want vehicle maintenance or superior performance for the street or track, the Porsche Team at Euro Motorworks is up to the task.

Porsche Service and Repairs in Indianapolis, IN

Porsche Upgrades

If you’d like even more out of your Porsche, our specialists will suggest upgrades to increase horsepower, improve handling, braking and a host of other improvements.

Driveline Repairs

Our Porsche specialists have extensive experience with driveline repairs; CV boots, joints, clutch replacement and engine rebuilds. With 45 years of experience, there is nothing we haven’t tackled.

Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing Retrofit/Replacement

The IMS bearing wear problem affects many water-cooled Porsche engines. Our specialists have performed many of these upgrades and know best how to identify and remedy these potential issues before they cause catastrophic engine failure.

Oil Leak Repairs

Over time, a Porsche engine can leak oil at various locations. Early-production vehicles require engine disassembly and modification to resolve leaks at the cylinder heads, oil return tubes, valve covers, timing cover, chain housings, case through bolts, and lines to/from the oil cooler. Our Porsche experts know just where to look and the best course of action to follow.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test

There are a multitude of reasons a check engine light may appear on your dash. Sometimes it’s something simple like a malfunctioning sensor. Other times it could be a warning sign of a small problem that could turn into a big problem if ignored. We recommend visiting Euro Motorworks for a diagnostic test. We can tell you in a matter of minutes if your Porsche needs a repair or service, or if there is a deeper problem related to one of the many sensors or modules.

Terry’s Favorite Porsche

Our Porsche Specialist and Co-Owner, Terry, has been caring for, owning and racing Porsches of all shapes and sizes for the last 45 years. He can’t pick just one favorite, for he has loved so many of them over his lifetime. There have been 911s, 914s, 924s, 944s, 951s, 968s, 928s, Boxters, Caymans, Cayennes and Panamaras. However, there are a handful that stand out. His first love was a 1974 914 2 liter Bumblebee Limited Edition, purchased in 1979. He said he literally could not sleep a wink the night before, he was so excited. In the late 80's he was fortunate to own a "Risky Business" 928S 5 speed. An awesome car! There was also a 951 he purchased in Atlanta and drove back to Indy. During his racing career, his favorite rides have been a 1985 944 raced at Laguna Seca and a 2001 Cup Car he raced at Monte Tremblant Canada and during the 24 Hours of Daytona.

“I feel blessed to have experienced these cars so far, and hope that there will be many more exciting Porsches in the future that I can drive and call mine.” – Terry 

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“I found Euro Motorworks to be very, very knowledgeable and professional, and a pleasure to work with. The repairs were done properly, they have loaner cars available, and the charges were reasonable. This was probably the best experience I have had with a car repair service.”

– Kurt Link, Porsche 997 Targa

Ready to have complete confidence in your ride?

We know there is no substitute for the right training, experience, and tooling. You and your Porsche deserve the highest level of service. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of everything.

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