Convenient and Complimentary

Do you need transportation while your vehicle is being serviced? We have you covered with the convenience of a complimentary loaner vehicle. We have a fleet of 10 loaner vehicles, half are 2018 Volkswagen Jettas and the other half are more “well seasoned” European vehicles; Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW and Volvo. Yes, “well seasoned” means older. Unlike a dealer, we’re not trying to lure you into buying a new vehicle by providing you with one newer than your own car. We want to keep you happy in the one you have! Our loaners are safe, serviceable and will get you where you need to go.

If you'd like the use of one, just let us know when you schedule your appointment. Use of the car is free of charge. The only cost associated with a loaner is for the fuel. We don't want to bother you with refueling, so a charge of 30 cents per mile will be added to your invoice to cover your fuel cost. All we need from you is a copy of a current and valid driver's license as well as a current insurance card covering the car we are servicing.

Request a Loaner Vehicle