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The Crew

Tom (The Master) - Volkswagen and Audi

Tom has been with us since our first day in business 20 years ago. He has been servicing Volkswagen and Audi only for the last 44 years. Tom is ASE Master Certified, which means he is certified in all 8 areas of automotive repair for which ASE offers certification. In addition, he is also certified in Advanced Engine Performance, a test ASE offers for the over achiever. Tom is also Bosch Certified. It can be said with absolute accuracy...there is no other technician in the Indianapolis area as experienced. Your VW or Audi could not be in better hands.


Terry (The Doctor) - Porsche Doctor and President

Terry is the company President but also remains active in our Porsche shop. He is widely recognized on a national level as an expert in the field of Porsche service, repair, enhancement and track preparation. He has been servicing Porsche cars for the last 36 years, the first 15 of which were spent at the dealer level. Terry is ASE Master Certified in all eight areas as well as Advanced Engine Performance. At one time, Terry was one of a handful of Technicians in the US simultaneously holding Master status with Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. In addition to his duties here at the shop he is a certified Porsche Club of America Driver's Ed Instructor and a professional race car driver, competing in the Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series. Terry has unequalled experience with the servicing and repair of your Porsche vehicle, but his true love is performing enhancements. Whether you are a Sunday driver or a professional racer in need of track prep Terry has the experience and skill to make your Porsche roar!


Matt (The Protege) - Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Lexus, Mini and Saab

His nickname is a bit tongue-in-cheek because he's certainly no "newbie", he's just the youngest of the techs.  Matt joined our team in 2007. We are lucky to have him. He graduated with Honors from Lincoln Tech's Automotive Technology Program and has since become ASE Master Certified and Bosch Master Certified, passing all 9 of his ASE tests with near perfect scores.  He's been servicing European vehicles for 11 years. Matt is impressing us daily with his diagnosis ability and skill level.


Mark (The Boss Man) - Porsche, BMW, Mercedes

Mark has been with Euro Motorworks for 14 years and we don't know what we'd do without him. He wears many hats, but his primary duty is to oversee the work flow in the shop, perform quality control and produce estimates. However, he is ASE Master Certified and is highly skilled at mechanical repair. Therefore, he often times steps into the role of technician when we need him to and does an exemplary job. Mark is the wind beneath our wings so to speak. With Mark on the job you can rest easy your vehicle will be perfect when you pick it up.


Chris (The Artist) - Detail Specialist

Chris has been with Euro Motorworks for 15 years. He's the one responsible for that shiny vehicle you pick up after service. Chris' real talent is found in the detailing of cars. He is truly an artist in that respect. We've never seen anyone do better work. The transformation Chris is able to coax out of a tired exterior is stunning. I've literally seen clients get tears in their eyes when they see what he's been able to do to make their vehicles look like new again. It's funny...our Techs can perform the most outstanding feats of mechanical prowess on a vehicle and the one thing that the client will notice is how great their car looks. It can't be helped...he does an outstanding job!


Jim (The Savant) - Parts Manager

Jim has been part of our team for 17 years. He has been working with German auto parts exclusively since 1986 and has a freakish ability to retain 14 digit part numbers in his computer-like brain. We deal with several huge parts suppliers and they have all said, without exception, Jim is the sharpest and most knowledgeable parts man they deal with. Why is that important to you...he doesn't make mistakes...ever. You never have to suffer the delays resulting from the wrong part being ordered. In addition, he uses his years of experience in the business to negotiate the best prices and those savings get passed down to our clients.


Josh (The Estimator) - Assistant Service Manager

Josh has been with us, well...his whole life, he's Terry's son. Josh came on board back in 1994, washing cars while going to school, and he's been involved in Euro Motorworks ever since. Josh is our estimate and research specialist. He also does pretty much anything that needs to be done from answering phones, to making parts runs to building management. His most important duty is making the final test drive on every vehicle we service. Your car isn't perfect until Josh says it's perfect.


Julie (The Enforcer) - Office Manager

OK, that nick name is a bit tongue in cheek, but someone has to keep all these guys in line! Julie began her career with Euro Motorworks fresh out of college, 7 years ago. But, as Terry's daughter, she's been part of the business for years. It's Julie's cheerful voice that answers the phone and schedules most of the appointments, but she certainly has a multitude of other job duties. You'll notice how smoothly the front office runs and how quickly you're able to get in and out. Julie's the one that makes that possible. But, mostly what you'll notice about Julie is her warm, friendly and helpful demeanor.


Christoph (The Professor) - Service Manager

Christoph came on board in 2007 and we don't know how we ever managed without him. He is a graduate of Xavier University and the University of Dayton School of Law. In addition to his obvious intelligence, you'll find he is truly a people person as well as being a gear head. We feel very comfortable entrusting our clients and their vehicles to Christoph. He treats everyone with respect and honesty. We believe he offers our clients a high level of customer service they've not encountered before. Christoph is one of the reasons we can confidently state our service is "unparalleled."


Harold (Mr. Claus) - Building Manager

Harold is one of our most beloved team members. He's been with us for 15 years. He started with us when he was 73 years old! Picture Santa Claus without the excess weight and you've got a pretty good profile of Harold. He works for us part of each day and you can set your clock by his comings and goings. In fact, in the last 15 years I don't remember him missing a single day. He keeps our building spotlessly clean and is very proud of the work he does. I hope he's with us for another fifteen years!


Gloria (The Invisible) - Vice President

Here's the deal, I'm the one writing these biographies and it would just be a tad uncomfortable for me to go on about myself like I have everyone else on this page. So ...let's leave it at this...the best thing I can say about myself is I had something to do with selecting all the people on this page to join our Euro Motorworks team and I'm here every day making sure they're happy and making sure you're happy. The result is a really great company doing really great work for really great people like you.


Katie (The Guardian) - Guard Dog, Mascot, Official Greeter

I would truly be remiss if I were to leave Katie off the list. Katie has been coming in to work with me for about 10 years now and has certainly become a fixture in the lobby. In fact, if I don't bring her in, clients usually ask where she is. Katie can usually be found spread out on her back in the sun somewhere in the lobby. She is much loved by clients and staff alike.







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